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5 Lessons From Laos

Grilled bananas are yummy!  As is true in many Asian countries, roadside food vendors are plentiful in Laos.  One of... Read More

In the Wardrobe

Do you feel like you’ve lived a whole two years in the past month? While this season has come with its challenges, I’ve... Read More

Border Run

A couple of weeks ago we had to make a run to the border to change and extend our visa. We came into Cambodia on... Read More

Waiting for Morning

I moved to China in August to teach English and build relationships with my students and those in my community there.... Read More

Life in Mongolia: Q&A

Have you ever wondered what life was like in Mongolia? An ELIC teacher, Wes, shares his favorite memories and... Read More

Laos: Top 5

“Life is unbelievably insane right now. I don’t think I knew what it meant to be busy until classes started two weeks... Read More

Neighborhood Folk

“Hello, Jon-a-sin!” Cia Nan greets me with a large smile and a friendly wave. “What do you want?” she asks. Her husband... Read More

Her Name is Lin

Her name is Lin. We know because we asked. We asked because she walks by our house nearly every day. She walks by our... Read More

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