I Think I Might be a Little Crazy

Posted by weareelic on Jan 20, 2020 12:15:00 PM

Today I’m traveling back to Asia. After a sleepless night, I woke up this morning with a paralyzing thought… “Who does this?” Who in their right mind flies halfway around the world for a job? Who crams their life’s possessions into two suitcases like some kind of high-stakes puzzle game? The answer: me. I do this. And I think I might be a little crazy.

I think i might be a little crazy

I’m crazy in love with this wild ride that is my life! There are many things that a young twenty-something with limited responsibilities can do with her life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to invest these years in Asia. It’s high-risk giving up all the creature comforts of your home culture and family support system. But it’s a high-yield investment, too. I get to live in one of the most naturally stunning places in the world. My job makes a visible difference in the lives of others everyday. I have grown as a person. I’ve learned a second language and been stretched in unimaginable ways. I have my heart in two awesome places, and I’m well-loved in both.

Who does this? I do. But I don’t do it alone. And maybe I’m a little crazy for choosing a trans-global life. But I also think I’d be crazy not to. I’m ready for it all! Bring it, world.


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