In the Wardrobe


Do you feel like you’ve lived a whole two years in the past month? While this season has come with its challenges, I’ve also experienced interesting moments that probably would never have happened outside of these circumstances. Here is one of my favorites:

It was Monday afternoon and I sent a reminder to my students that there would be a quiz the next day, hoping they would be more prepared than the last time they tried an electronic quiz. We’ve all had challenges online, but I felt we had smoothed out the kinks two
weeks ago. 

Fast forward to Tuesday morning. Before class, I learned that the audio for the quiz, that had worked before, was no longer available to play on my laptop or my phone. With no other way to play the clips, I decided to read the five short conversations about shopping to my students, no problem. It was 15 minutes before class should end, 5 minutes before their quiz, and it was decided that 8:45am was the best time to mow the grass and trim the bushes outside of the dorms I live in, and currently teach in. 

I turned off my camera as the students began to open their quizzes. Looking around my room for the best place to read the quiz script clearly with no noisy interruptions, I spotted my wardrobe. I quickly placed my laptop on a pile of PJs and started reading the script to the inside of my wardrobe. My students never saw my clothes, but I definitely had a good laugh after I ended class and took a step back.

I am so grateful for moments that make me laugh, especially during the past month.

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