Update 9

Posted by Jonathan Smyth on Mar 4, 2020 8:11:30 AM

In the last few days, our local support staff team called all of the schools to get updates from each school as we approach March 13 (our original anticipated date of return).

Here are a few general points that we heard from schools:

  • Administrative staff are beginning to return to campus to resume work.
  • Plans are being made for students to return though no dates for school starts have been set. 
  • Our schools have been very supportive and are thankful that our teachers have been teaching online. 
  • Some schools have asked us not to return yet. In these cases, we trust their knowledge of their local context and their sense of responsibility to keep our teachers safe.

As we would expect, school starts will vary by city as they are waiting to hear from the local education bureaus. They are very supportive and have indicated that teachers likely do not need to return until March 30 or April 15. 

Schools are very aware of their responsibility for the health and safety of their students and staff.

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