Update 8

Posted by Jonathan Smyth on Feb 21, 2020 9:31:02 AM

Recently, ELIC’s president sent a video greeting and message of support to our school and government partners who have been impacted by the coronavirus. Their response was one of immense gratitude. They are grateful that we are thinking of them during this time, grateful for our promise to return, and grateful for our genuine care and strong support during this time. 

While our teachers are getting settled into their temporary assignments as they “wait with purpose,” they are eager to return to their home schools and we are eager to get them there. We continue to monitor the ongoing developments of the virus and have been encouraged in the last few days. It seems as though life is slowly starting to return to normal in many parts of Asia. If that continues to be the trajectory then we anticipate our teachers returning to their campuses by the middle of March. We will continue forward with that timeline in mind unless another major spike in the outbreak occurs or if our schools continue to ask us to wait. Our school partners have the well-being of our teachers in mind and will not ask them to return until they deem that it is safe to do so.

We are continuing to accept donations from those who wish to help us offset the organizational expenses that we’ve incurred during this crisis. As always, we are grateful for those who stand with us in these moments.

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