Update 6

Posted by Jonathan Smyth on Feb 5, 2020 6:53:07 PM

During the last couple of days, several members of our local staff have begun calling schools to ask about possible return dates and how long the delays will be due to the virus. We have received a variety of answers. Some delays will be longer than others. While we continue to acquire more information, we are excited about opportunities that we are calling “wait with purpose” opportunities. If some teachers are given a gift of extra time, we want them to spend that time with intentionality and purpose. We are working on options to send teachers to other countries where we work to live alongside teams, help teach, or serve in whatever way they can. Another option would be for teachers to use their gifts to serve or help out other departments such as mobilization or curriculum development teams. We are excited to think of the possibilities and look forward to sharing more details as they are available. 

The attitudes among our teachers continue to be joyful and willing to adapt to whatever comes their way. Our leadership teams have been encouraged by the chance to turn a complicated situation into unexpected opportunities to love and serve.

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