Update 5

Posted by Jonathan Smyth on Feb 2, 2020 8:34:44 PM

During this difficult time, our hearts continue to go out to our Chinese friends who are feeling the weight of the coronavirus and the uncertainty of the future. The city of Wuhan has now been on lockdown for more than a week, but the stories we see on social media that display the resiliency of the people there are inspiring. We want to remember this is about the people, particularly the dear people of China. We have friends there who have been on lockdown and quarantined. Many canceled their holidays. We join with our friends in China and say “jiayou!” in this difficult season. We are for you!

Though our teachers rest in relative safety, we know that our friends in China are under great distress. As the governments and the World Health Organization continue to monitor the coronavirus and race to find a vaccine, would you pause with us for a moment to reflect and remember those who are hurting? These are significant days and we are honored to be a friend of the Chinese and stand with them during this time.

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