Update 3

Posted by Jonathan Smyth on Jan 31, 2020 5:05:39 PM

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, we have continually been encouraged by the response of the schools in the countries where we operate. They have called to check on the teachers and have asked to make sure they are safe. It’s encouraging to know that the schools we work with globally are concerned and take responsibility for the well-being of the teachers who work on their campuses. 

In the coming days, our staff will be working with each country and each school to gain as much information as possible related to the logistics of the spring semester. Currently, most of our schools are on a mid-year break between semesters. The coronavirus will likely delay the start of the spring semester in many locations. As we gain more information regarding this delay and the impact it will have on our teachers, we’ll be sure to post updates here.

For now, our teachers are eagerly anticipating the start of our mid-year conference and are looking forward to being in community with one another, learning from one another, and being refreshed by being together. Though there are many uncertainties surrounding this virus, our teachers remain resilient and flexible. We’ve already heard great redeeming stories from them and we hope for the opportunity to share them in the future.

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