Update 2

Posted by Jonathan Smyth on Jan 27, 2020 8:36:28 AM

We are continuing to monitor the developing situation with the coronavirus very closely and we are implementing some prudent extra measures for our upcoming conference in Thailand. We feel good about the conference and are continuing to encourage all participants to emphasize good hygiene in line with the ISOS recommendations shared in the first update.

Here are some specific updates about the virus:

  • Person to person transmission has been confirmed.
  • Based on what we currently know, the virus can remain dormant for up to 2 weeks.
  • The virus can be transmitted without any symptoms present, so hygiene recommendations need to be followed whether you are around "sick" people or not, and regardless of whether you feel sick or not.

While the virus has continued to spread (particularly in China, but to an increasing number of countries), healthy persons practicing good hygiene and preventative measures appear to be able to mitigate risk. There continues to be prospect of delays to travel, and for some of our personnel the prospect of delayed return after the conference. But as this fluid situation continues to develop we will stay on top of it and will provide further updates.

There is an abundance of information floating around in the media about this novel coronavirus, and some of it is conflicting. It is highly likely to find information that has not been vetted and which may be inaccurate. Continue to follow this blog for official updates from ELIC as it relates to our response to the virus.

Coronavirus Updates

We will be sharing updates on a periodic basis related to the spread of the coronavirus and its impacts on our global operations.


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