Update 11

Posted by Jonathan Smyth on Mar 11, 2020 8:57:01 AM

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have many new teachers who are committed to go to a variety of countries globally for both our long-term and short-term programs. We currently have nearly 70 long-term teachers planning to depart in the early fall and more than 150 (so far) committed to participate in our summer short-term programs.

There are many questions that we hope to answer in the coming days and weeks, specifically regarding our summer programs. Our summer programs typically depart North America in late June and return by early August. The programs range from 4-8 weeks long. Our leaders from across the globe are working closely on a daily basis to finalize plans and make contingency plans. Our team of Candidate Advisors in our US headquarters are working diligently to give accurate and timely information to everyone that's planning to participate in a summer program. If any plans shift, the participants will be among the first to know.

Our long-term programs continue to hold steady. At this time, all countries are continuing with their plans as normal, but the team of Candidate Advisors for the long-term teachers are also working day and night to keep everyone informed. Our overseas leaders and staff are working on school placements which is a normal process for this time of year.

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