Update 10

Posted by Jonathan Smyth on Mar 9, 2020 9:11:52 AM

Our inaugural Annual MENA Gathering (AMG) is a couple of weeks away, so a few people are beginning to ask how the spread of the COVID-19 is impacting our plans.

The same precautions put in place at our Thailand conference will be utilized in Spain, too. Our head doctor who attended our Thailand conference will also be attending our MENA gathering. While his focus at this gathering will be childcare, if any emergencies arise, he will be a valuable resource to us.

As the virus spreads across Italy and into areas in the MENA region, the primary issue we've seen so far is minor disruptions to travel plans. A few teachers have had to reroute their flights to get to the MENA gathering location in Spain.

At this time, our primary concern is not the risk of infection for our MENA teachers, but rather the risk of travel disruption. We continue to monitor the situation and its impact on our teachers on a daily basis. We will make adjustments as necessary and post updates here on this blog.

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