May 5

Posted by Jonathan Smyth on May 5, 2020 2:50:10 PM

Update Regarding Our Summer Engage Programs

Throughout the last several weeks, our in-country leaders across the globe as well as our North American staff have been working hard to find answers regarding our summer programs (Engage). Below is a brief update on those programs.

Up to this point, several Engage programs have been canceled, however, a few still remain in question. We continue to wait for confirmation from our partner institutions to determine if the rest will be canceled, changed, or go forward as expected. We are grateful that more than 100 North American participants have been patient and willing to wait to see what will unfold. Their trust in us and their flexibility during this season has been encouraging. 

We have three locations in the MENA region and two locations in Asia where it may be possible to host a summer program in 2020. As more information comes available and more decisions are made, we will be sending individual updates to the participants as well as updating this blog.

Coronavirus Updates

We will be sharing updates on a periodic basis related to the spread of the coronavirus and its impacts on our global operations.


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