March 26

Posted by Jonathan Smyth on Mar 26, 2020 11:53:11 AM

Many people have been asking about our summer programs that have been scheduled for May, June, and July departures. Earlier this week, ELIC President, Tim Davis, wrote a letter outlining our plans for this summer. The full letter is available for you to read by clicking here. Below are the action items from the letter that explain the options for each committed teacher. 

While optimism for these programs has been high, the reality is beginning to set in. Given these ever-changing dynamics, we have made a couple of decisions regarding those who have committed to participate in these programs.

1. There is a possibility that a handful of programs will still take place. We don’t yet know which countries or what the teaching needs will be. We are aware that many participants who have committed are willing to wait in the midst of this uncertainty. For those willing to wait to see what unfolds, we are grateful and we will keep you updated on a regular basis.

2. For many of our summer participants, a better option is to simply postpone their trip to the summer of 2021. We welcome you to simply defer your commitment to next summer. Our team of Candidate Advisors will continue to work with you throughout the next year and prepare you for an amazing summer of service next year. Any funds that have been raised so far can be used in any program for the next two years.

3. Lastly, we recognize that neither going this summer nor deferring to a future summer will work for some people. In those instances, your donor can choose to instead support another teacher in the country where you were planning to go or they can request a refund for funds received on your behalf. Simply ask your donors to email ELIC (email addressed removed from the blog post to prevent unwanted spam) to let us know what they would like to do.

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